The four basic principles to unify mind and body are:

  1. Keep One Point
  2. Relax Completely
  3. Keep Weight Underside
  4. Extend Ki

Keep One Point: One Point is similar in some respects to center of mass. While standing naturally, our One Point is located a couple inches below our navel. This is the place from which all movement naturally flows. Through training, we become aware of our One Point as not only our center but as the center of the universe. By moving from our One Point, we are relaxed and capable of harnessing and using tremendous power to accomplish important tasks.

Relax Completely: In the normal course of our daily lives, we are presented with many challenges: deadlines, responsibilities, loss, conflicts with co-workers, loved ones, etc. From an early age, many of us are taught to view these challenges as confrontations and threats to our well-being and to respond by tensing, pulling back, or using strength. This is a logical thought process - to repel the attacker (or attacking situation) through strength and aggression. But it is not a healthy way of thinking and it often causes only further unhappiness and difficulties. By relaxing, we free our minds to explore other possibilities toward resolving conflicts. In a relaxed posture, we also are less likely to present ourselves as a threat to others and so, we are better able to solicit help in finding workable solutions to life's many challenges.

Keep Weight Underside: The weight of all things is naturally underside. That is, we are naturally attached to the Earth. When we are relaxed, it is natural to be in harmony with the Earth just as rocks, rivers, trees, and mountains are in harmony with nature and therefore settle to their lowest (most underside) point.

Extend Ki: In eastern cultures, the Japanese word ki (Chinese: chi or jí) represents the universal life force. It flows from the universe through all living things. When we are healthy, our ki flows unobstructed, connecting us with the universe. But when we are sick or in poor spirits, the ki of the universe will not flow strongly through us. By learning to extend ki, we reconnect with the ki of the universe and live our lives in harmony with nature, and with a positive and happy attitude. In making this connection, we are more alive and aware of our surroundings including the presence and attitudes of those around us. As we extend this feeling outward, we become one with the universe in all of its manifestations including the people we come into contact with. By becoming one with all things, we are in complete harmony with our surroundings and can assume the great power that is naturally ours.